MICHAEL M jewelry has been crafted to the highest standards and is warrantied against manufacturer defects for as long as the customer owns their MICHAEL M jewelry. As part of MICHAEL M’s dedication to our customers, these complimentary services include: cleaning and engraving touch-up. MICHAEL M does reserve the sole discretion to determine the services provided, subject to change.

All MICHAEL M jewelry will come with a Certificate of Authenticity with a personalized serial number (DI) that identifies that MICHAEL M piece. The MICHAEL M Commitment is a Lifetime Warranty that ensures the proper care and repair of their MICHAEL M jewelry. The warranty is valid only with the Authenticity Card and proof of purchase, so ensure your retailer provides this with purchase and that you register your jewelry with us so we can easily assist you.

Maintenance and repairs of imperfections from the manufacturer will be done free of charge but must be done by an authorized MICHAEL M retailer. If these conditions are not met, the MICHAEL M Lifetime Warranty will be void.