Our Story

As one of the world’s premier bridal and fashion jewelry houses, MICHAEL M stands at the center of fine jewelry excellence. With an elite league of skilled artisans handcrafting each piece and hand setting every diamond, MICHAEL M is renowned for unique, beautifully detailed pieces that exude European-style sophistication and elegance. 

Started in 2008 by Michael Meksian and his son, Peter, the Meksians wanted to bring European-style sophistication and elegance into the jewelry industry, creating exquisite designs that speak to the present-day woman. Our love of this style is best reflected in the distinctive European-style shanks featured in many of our designs.

Milgrain details, hand-engraving and meticulous attention are just a few details that set us apart, making us a favorite amongst our retail partners and customers.


Another MICHAEL M bridal hallmark is the U-set. Requiring master craftsmanship and expert diamond-setting skills, this technique requires each diamond to be set in a U-shaped carriage that embraces the edges of the diamond. The U-set diamonds are viewable from every possible angle, allowing the coruscating diamond to shine for maximum brilliance.

Every MICHAEL M design is granted a personalized serial number and Certificate of Authenticity to ensure it is a genuine MICHAEL M design. We have great confidence in our craft and offer a lifetime guarantee for all of our products. This our promise to each customer, to clean, refurbish, and--as unlikely as it may be--even replace diamond melee from normal wear.

It is more than just a promise really, it is how the MICHAEL M brand was built.

Our Brand Values


We are proudly one of the only companies in the industry using G color and VS clarity diamonds, featuring exceptional makes and each responsibly-sourced from the world’s preeminent certified diamantaires. Each diamond is individually hand-selected and sorted to one-hundredth of a millimeter to ensure uniformity of brilliance in every piece. Only diamonds meeting the most rigorous standards of excellence are chosen for our designs.


Every single diamond vendor that we work with signs a contract stating they have responsibly sourced their diamonds. What does this mean? It means that throughout a diamonds journey from rough to polished, particular care has been taken to ensure responsible business practices, to support the advancement of women and to protect the natural world, which is the ultimate source of our diamonds.


Every single MICHAEL M product is backed with the MICHAEL M Lifetime Warranty that ensure the proper care and repair of your piece(s). All MICHAEL M jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with a personalized serial number (DI Number) that identifies your MICHAEL M piece. Once registered, rest assured that your piece is protected. 


Each of our diamonds are 100% handset under a 10x magnification microscope. Each hole is meticulously drilled and polished under this strong magnifying microscope by a person instead of a machine as most other jewelers do, and then each diamond is hand set into that setting. 


We value meaningful participation with our brand and strive to maintain that with each product and experience offered. From our in house team, to each retailer and of course each customer we put family and community first as it was both family and community that built MICHAEL M.


MICHAEL M diamonds are G in color and VS in clarity, featuring exceptional makes and are responsibly-sourced from the world’s preeminent certified diamantaires. Each diamond is individually hand-selected and sorted to one-hundredth of a millimeter to insure uniformity of brilliance in every piece. Only diamonds meeting the most rigorous standards of excellence are chosen for our MICHAEL M designs.

Using only reclaimed metals, MICHAEL M utilizes state-of-the-art technology to re-alloy our own bar and casting stock. This results in the richest possible presentation of Rose and Yellow Gold, as well as a near-hypoallergenic White Gold. All gold is guaranteed plum for European distribution. Platinum is alloyed at 950 parts per 1000 with ruthenium, ensuring the silkiest texture and an illuminating, soft white radiance unlike any other material.

All MICHAEL M diamonds are set entirely by hand, using decades-old traditional techniques combined with the complete mastery of our Master Artisans and state-of-the-art technology. Diamonds are individually set with the assistance of 10x magnifying power video microscopes ensuring the most secure and brilliant result. Only the most experienced and talented craftsmen are capable of meeting MICHAEL M’s exacting standards for finish and perfection.


Finish is the final statement of the craftsman’s art made on each piece of MICHAEL M jewelry. Every surface, visible or not, is polished to perfection. White gold is finished in 30 microns of rhodium—3x the industry standard.  Such attention to even the smallest detail ensures a lifetime of enjoyment. 


As vast as MICHAEL M’s growing collection is—including more than 2,000 designs—we realize we haven’t thought of everything. For our innovative customers who wish to create something truly unique you have the ability to work with MICHAEL M’s signature flair and excellent craftsmanship to curate and bring to life your perfect piece. 


Almost every piece of MICHAEL M jewelry is carefully and individually handcrafted in our Los Angeles atelier.  Our family of artisans combines more than 1,000 years of shared experience with a passion for the art of jewelry making that is unmatched. In fact, each signed and numbered work of art is meticulously taken through more than 80 quality control and production steps. MICHAEL M produces the finest, heirloom-worthy jewelry in the industry today.


MICHAEL M jewelry has been crafted to the highest standards and is warranted against manufacturer defects for as long as the customer owns their MICHAEL M jewelry. As part of MICHAEL M’s dedication to each customer, these complimentary services include: refurbishing, cleaning and engraving touch-up. MICHAEL M does reserve the sole discretion to determine the services provided, subject to change.

All MICHAEL M jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that boasts a personalized serial number (DI) to identify that MICHAEL M piece. The MICHAEL M Commitment is a Lifetime Warranty that ensures the proper care and repair of your MICHAEL M jewelry. The warranty is valid only with the Authenticity Card and proof of purchase.

Maintenance and repairs of imperfections from the manufacturer will be done free of charge but must be done by an Authorized MICHAEL M Retailer. If these conditions are not met, the MICHAEL M Lifetime Warranty will be void.

Full Customizable

Every MICHAEL M design can be customized to reflect your own personal taste. 


Every piece of MICHAEL M jewelry is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 


Any MICHAEL M mounting or band can be “traded up” for a credit of up to 75% of the original purchase price towards the purchase of any new mounting, band, or fine jewelry style of equal or greater value. 


MICHAEL M supports our men and women in uniform. To show our appreciation, all military personnel receive 5% off the purchase price of any piece. 


Because we custom-blend our own metals, every MICHAEL M ring has a velvety smooth luster that is also incredibly durable.


Our unique under-stone polishing method ensures that your diamond has the most brilliant sparkle from every angle. 


  • Michael Meksian begins his career in jewelry, working with an artisan in the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District

  • Michael Meksian opens his jewelry factory that would later serve as the atelier for MICHAEL M

    timeline image
  • Michael partners with son Peter to launch MICHAEL M

    timeline image
  • MICHAEL M celebrates 10 successful years as the world’s premiere bridal jewelry house with 13 plus bridal collections in over 170 retailers across the U.S.

  • M COLLECTION, Michael M’s everyday wear jewelry line launches.