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Unique Men's Wedding Bands

Explore the wide world of uniquely hand-crafted men's wedding bands available from the skilled designers of Michael M!

What do you see when you think of your grandfather’s wedding band? How about your father’s band? Chances are that the wedding band you’re imagining is probably made of lusterless yellow gold, and is probably without any sort of fine details, fancy engravings, or precious stones of any kind. While these sorts of rings are not without their quiet grandfatherly confidence, they also reflect a time in men’s bridal fashion that has long gone by the wayside.

Today, men’s wedding bands are distinct, exciting, and bring a sense of rugged glamor and sophistication to the hand of any wearer. Now it’s nothing unusual to find unique men’s wedding bands that feature brilliant diamonds or other gemstones, exciting vintage-inspired style, in addition to other state-of-the-art contemporary men’s fine jewelry trends.

At the forefront of this shift in men’s wedding band fashions, are the innovative jewelry designers at Michael M, who for years have been creating an unrivaled selection of some of the most handsome, comfortable and stylish men’s wedding bands available today.

In their innovative California design studio, the designer at Michael M are committed to helping their customers find the men’s wedding band that perfectly matches the individuality and personality of any future groom. Proud of their pieces, every Michael M unique men’s wedding band is made with only the highest-quality 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or 950 platinum, as well as are available in a variety of types and styles.

To assist with the men’s wedding band finding process, we, the esteemed bridal jewelry experts of Michael M, have put together a little list meant to help with understanding ring types and styles, as well as the precious metals that comprise all Michael M men’s wedding bands.

Wedding Band Stone Setting Types

1. Burnished:

With a burnish stone setting wedding band, diamonds are snuggly placed into the band through the use of expertly made tapered holes. This creates a band that is uniquely streamlined, and is perfect for those individuals whose personal style tends to be more classic, clean and sophisticated.

Also, because of way that the stone is placed flush against the band, it is extremely unlikely with a burnished setting wedding band that the diamond will ever be cracked, chipped, or misplaced.

2. Channel Set:

Similar to burnished set rings, channel set wedding bands feature gems and jewels placed along the ring through the usage of metal “walls”. These rings are distinctive and fashionable options ideal for the modern groom.

3. Eternity Style:

Not so much a stone settings style as much as it is a fashion of stone settings, eternity style wedding bands are defined as a ring where diamonds are placed around the entirety of the ring.

Available in eternity or half-eternity varieties (meaning the stones only go around half the band), eternity style wedding bands are extremely unique and are ideal for the confident groom who isn’t afraid of showing off extra diamond sparkle.

Common Men’s Wedding Band Metal Types

1. Yellow Gold:

Known for its bright and warm glow, yellow gold men’s wedding bands are sure to always be in fashion. Additionally, yellow gold is nearly entirely hypoallergenic and easily resists everyday wear, making a piece that will stay beautiful for longer than a lifetime.

2. White Gold:

With a radiant silver-like glow, white gold wedding bands are understated and subtle, yet still manage to emit a level of timeless sophistication and style. Wedding bands made white gold are easily resizable, resistant to corrosion, and wonderfully accentuate any diamonds that are placed in the band.

3. Rose Gold:

Vintage-looking and romantic, rose gold wedding bands have a unique pink-like gold color. Truly in a league all its own, rose gold wedding bands complement all skin tones, and are an ideal choice for grooms who have a distinct, one-of-a-kind style.

4. 950 Platinum

One of the rarest precious metals available, 950 platinum is entirely hypoallergenic and offers a brighter alternative to white gold. In addition, 950 platinum is extremely easy to clean and keep bright, making it perfect for the groom on the run.

The Unique Men’s Wedding Bands of Michael M

A skillful combination of all these men’s wedding band styles and types, the unique men’s wedding bands of Michael M are truly more than the sum of their parts.

Some of our favorite Michael M men’s wedding band include:

One of our favorites, this men’s wedding band (pictured above in 18-karay rose gold) features the unique milgrain embellishment styles. Bringing a little bit of texture to an otherwise streamlined piece, milgrain details involves attaching tiny metal beads to a ring’s band and creates a one-of-a-kind vintage look.

A combination of the MB-114 and the Mb-101 wedding band models, this platinum band is the best of both worlds in the way that it mixes subtle “distressed” detailing with milgrain style embellishments.

Fashion-forward and designed with modern fine jewelry sensibilities in mind, this yellow gold Michael M men’s wedding band uniquely features channel set black diamonds along both edges of the ring’s band. Also available in white gold, rose gold, and platinum, the black diamonds that adorn the MB-110 wedding band are becoming a more and more popular choice among today’s stylish grooms.

Similar to the Michael M men’s wedding band MB-109, this band (pictured above in rose gold), features channel set black diamonds in a full-eternity setting. As opposed to displaying the stones at the edge of the ring, this band places the diamonds in the center of the band, making them vivid and hard-to-miss.

Adorned with brilliant white diamonds placed in a burnished stone setting, this Michael M men’s wedding band (seen above made of platinum) is a wonderful way to bring a dash of diamond sparkle to the hand of anyone. Additionally, this ring uniquely features slightly raised “panels” around the band that, similar to the previously mentioned “distressed” detailing, brings a quiet confidence to the entire piece.

Available in 18-karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, this Michael M men’s wedding band is understated and subtle, yet still maintains a palatable sense of effortless masculine confidence. Featuring a distinctive “distressed” detailing, this band is a great option for grooms who want something different than the everyday wedding band, but would prefer something that isn’t covered with diamonds.

Last, but certainly not least, is this unique white gold Michael M MB-104 wedding band, which proudly displays brilliant diamonds expertly placed in an eternity style channel setting. In addition to 18-karat yellow gold, this wedding band can also be found in 18-karat rose gold, white gold, and gleaming 950 platinum.

How to Find an Authorized Michael M Men’s Wedding Band Retailer

After all of this, once you have something of an idea of what sort of unique Michael M men’s wedding band you’re looking for, head to an authorized Michael M retailer! At any of these retailers you’ll be sure to find an experienced staff member who would be more than eager to help with finding the perfect men’s wedding band.

To find an authorized Michael M retailer near you, please head to the Michael M “Store Locator” for store information.

Shop With Michael M Today!

If in-store shopping isn’t for you, soon on Michael M’s official website you will be able to purchase all Michael M fine jewelry products in their state-of-the-art online store. Available will be not only men’s and women’s wedding bands, but every Michael M engagement ring, necklace, earring, fashion ring, and bracelet.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Don’t just take our word for it. What are some of your tips and tricks for finding a unique men’s wedding band?

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